Monday, November 21, 2016

And still MORE Riding

Strawberry River, 2016 (Photo by Becky Oldham)
Antelope Island, 2015

North Fork, 2016

Bennett Canyon, 2016

Boulder Creek, Wyoming, 2015

Boulder Creek, Wyoming, 2015

Grand Canyon, North Rim, 2014

Buckskin Gulch, 2014

Hobbit Pond, Crystal Lake Trailhead, 2013

Duck Lake, Crystal Lake Trailhead, 2014

Antelope Island, 2016

Fontanelle Reservoir, Wyoming, 2015

Green River Lakes, Wyoming, 2015

Green River Lakes, Wyoming, 2015

McDougal Gap, Wyoming, 2016

New Fork Lakes, Wyoming, 2015

Hackberry Canyon, 2014

Strawberry River, 2015
Ogden Rail Trail, 2015
East Fork of the Virgin, 2014
Snow Canyon Overlook, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Humility and Openness

"This was a Morgan mare at a clinic that I had to tell myself to get off and not get greedy I got so wrapped up in working with her. Her brilliance of mind had me hooked. "  Liz Graves

Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Riding

Green Canyon, Sept. 22

Green Canyon, Sept. 22

Neponset Springs

Red Rock Canyon by East Canyon

Liz Graves Clinic, Erda
Liz Graves clinic

Mark Rashid Clinic, Carbondale, Colorado

Mark Rashid clinic
Mark Rashid Clinic

All Breed Horse Show, Ogden, UT

Monday, April 9, 2012

First Adventure at Deer Springs Ranch, near Kanab, Utah

Our first adventure road trip with Ellie.  

The first evening ride we ended up in the same open space as a couple of free range horses who wouldn't leave us alone until Ellie sent a few kicks in their direction.

What unruly mane, Ellie!

Ellie hasn't had much as much experience on the trail as Shrek, but she's getting it fast.   She has an amazing soft jog trot that really covers ground.  Makes up for her slow walk.

Yum, Lunch break

Ride with Wildbound and Shrek

the corral where the horses stayed

These last few days have been soooo exhausting.  Just let me rest.